Early owners of 1239 Druid Hill Avenue included Charles C. Cook and Herman S. Platt (mentioned here). The building served as legal offices for Juanita Jackson Mitchell and Clarence M. Mitchell as well as meeting space for the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP and, later, offices for the Lillie Mae Carroll Jackson Museums. The building has been vacant for a number of years and has suffered from significant neglect.

View from the roof of 1230 Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217


Headline Date
Druid Hill Avenue renamed from Ross Street  
Dr. Charles C. Cook died July 1949 (12? or 19?)
Clarence and Juanita Jackson Mitchell move to 1300 block Druid Hill Avenue 1940s
Lillie M. Jackson and Juanita J. Mitchell purchase 1239 Druid Hill Avenue 1950
NAACP offices move to 1234 Druid Hill Avenue 1950s
Break-in at offices December 3, 1967
Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. dies 1984
Juanita Jackson Mitchell dies 1992
Building stabilization begins 2017

Chain of Title

Seller Buyer Deed Date Price
State Mutual Building Association Lillie M. Jackson and Juanita J. Mitchell (Purchased along with 1324 McCulloh Street) JFC / 1645 / 430 2/17/1964  
Maryland Trust Company / Charles C. Cook / (Bought at auction?) MLP / 8109 / 465 June 1, 1950 $14,325
Herman S. Platt et al (Herman S. Platt and William B. Platt) Charles C. Cook JB / 1338 / 456 February 18, 1891  


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